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Generalversammlung und Ausflug 2018
2018.06.28 28

Dear KDG Members,

The 2018 Annual General Meeting with Ausflug was held at Jeseokwon in Paldang on Sunday, May 27 and 171 people (57 members) joined the gathering.

The AGM was opened at 12PM with the necessary quorum met and approved the 2017 business report and 2018 business plan. President Young-Jin Kim gave a welcome speech, and Botschafter Stephan Auer delivered a congratulatory address. The AGM also approved the appointment of 14 directors and 2 auditors.


Dr. Hyo Joon Kim, Chairman of the KGCCI and Chairman of BMW Group Korea proposed the toast.

All the participants enjoyed a variety of German food, Krombacher draft beer and wines.

In the afternoon, Pansori by In-Hye Park together with drummer was performed, followed by lucky draw.

Thanks to donations from quite a few companies including corporate members and private members, we could have once more very successful gathering.

설명: http://www.koreagermany.com/upload/webeditor/20187111633451496.png

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