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Generalversammlung und Ausflug 2019
2019.06.11 0

Dear KDG Members,


2019 Annual General Meeting with Ausflug was held at Jeseokwon located in Paldang on Sunday, May 12. We had a total 179 attendees including KDG 55 members.


The AGM was opened at 12PM with the necessary quorum met and approved the 2018 business report and 2019 business plan.


President Young-jin Kim hoped that this year, as Germany celebrated its 30th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, South Korea and North Korea would achieve dramatic shift in their relationship through cooperation. He also hoped that in the 5G era, Korea and Germany will build on mutual trust, expand exchanges on a civilian level and make innovative changes and cooperate with each other.


Ambassador Stephan Auer mentioned various activities of the KDG to promote cultural exchanges and understanding between the Korea and Germany through Mirok-Li Awards and Korea-German Forum. In particular, ambassador emphasized the fact that these events are held in both Korea and Germany is a sign of mutual respect between two countries while KDG has been a foundation for cooperation for more than 60 years.


Ambassador also spoke of the challenge of fostering the next generation who will strengthen the partnership between Korea and Germany in the future. Ambassador emphasized the importance of continuing to create new and attractive forms of exchange and encouragement through the Junior Forum by KDG.


Professor Emeritus Chung-ho Choe at Yonsei University, said that the history of the year ending in nine letters shows the modern history of Germany in the 20th century. He made a toast for the friendship and goodwill of Korea and Germany.


Jeseokwon is the place where you can participate with your family and friends and people those who are interested in Korea and Germany as well as members. Korean and German can interact with each other enjoying nice German food catered by hotel, German beer and wine.


Also this year, there was a Gyageum trio performance by Heystring consist of three young Gayageum players. It was a time to enjoy the beautiful melody that reinterprets the traditional instrument in a contemporary way.


Thanks to donations from quite a few companies including corporate members and private members, we could have once more very successful gathering.


Sponsors with 2019 KDG AGM with Ausflug




Name & Title




Kim, Young-Jin

Chairman & CEO, Handok Inc,

Travel Voucher ₩2,000,000


Yang, In-Mo

Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Croatia in Korea

Cash ₩700,000



BMW Group Korea

Dr. Kim, Hyo-Joon,

Representative Director Chairman

BMW Golf Bag (2)
Travelling Trolley (2)
BMW Baby Racer (2)


B&R Industrial Automation

Yniong Lee, President

White Wine (54)


Carl Zeiss

Peter Tiedemann, President & Repr. Dir.

Voucher for eyeglasses (lenses only) (2)

ZEISS VR One Plus googles(2)

ZEISS Backpack / Stationery (memo pad, pencil), Thermos, Portable Mini Electric fans, LED Mini Air Cleaner, ZEISS Lens Wipes(2) *Given all at once


Eppendorf Korea

Christian Groeger, President & CEO

Cash ₩500,000



Kyung-Chae Khil, President

Red Ginseng (5)


Handok Inc.

Kim, Young-Jin, Chairman & CEO

Ready Q 100ml (200)

Hong Omega3 120C (110)


Miele Korea

Ms. Koh, Kay, President

Vacuum Cleaner (1)


Millennium Seoul Hilton

JayJongHun Lee

GM, CDL Hotels Korea

Meal Coupon (₩130,000)


Samhwa Engineering

Kim, Yeong Sun, President

Red Wine (36)


World Art Opera

Esther Lee

Opera Ticket (4)


World Travel Service Co., Ltd

Hee Dong Lee

Round-Trip Ticket to Jeju Island (₩200,000)


Yulchon LLC

Mr. Chang-Rok Woo

Managing Director

Cash ₩1,000,000

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