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2020 Korean-German Special Forum (online)
2020.12.18 30

The 2020 Korean-German Special Forum was held online as a virtual meeting on October 16, 2020, co-organized by Koreanisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V. and Korea Foundation, a specialized public diplomacy organization. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 19th Korean-German Forum scheduled in 2020, has been postponed to 2021 in Korea.


The Korean-German Forum is a 1.5-track dialogue channel to promote bilateral relations between Korea and Germany with the participation of leading figures from the political, societal, economic and cultural spheres. The Forum has been held annually and alternately in each country since the first gathering in Seoul in 2002. Discussion results on major issues are submitted as policy recommendations to the respective governments and relevant organizations, thereby consolidating future-oriented relations and promoting exchange between the two countries’ leaders in various sectors.


The delegates from Korea and Germany attended online with 3 sessions (Die aktuelle politische, wirtschaftliche und soziale Lage in beiden Ländern”, “Die Bewältigung der Corona-Pandemie in Korea und Deutschland Notwendigkeit der internationalen Zusammenarbeit”, “75 Jahre Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges 70 Jahre Beginn des Koreakrieges: Erinnerungskultur im vereinten Deutschland und im geteilten Korea“).


Meanwhile, the 2020 Korean-German Junior Special Forum was also held online as a virtual meeting on October 16, 2020, simultaneously with the Forum. Youths from Korea and Germany participated in discussions on the topics of `Youth Unemployment and Fairness`, `Democratic Education`, `Covid-19; International Cooperation`, `The Rise of Populism`, and `Real Estate Policy and Youth Housing Stability`. The Korean-German Junior Forum is being held simultaneously with the Korean-German Forum as a part of the expansion of dialogue channels between the two countries and a mentoring project for young adults.



For further information, please refer to below article.


6 2020 Korean-German Special Forum (online) 2020-12-18 30
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